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B R Medical Suites

Dr. Marc Mueller

Dr Marc Mueller

Dr Marc Mueller

Medical Director

Dr. Marc is the Medical Director for BR Medical Suites in Dubai Healthcare City since 2011. His contribution to BR Medical Suites is been tremendous with all effort to bring quality healthcare to the facility. He drives the idea of patient focused and friendly care clinical environment. His leadership skills have been key point in improving team spirit in the organization.

Beside management responsibility Dr. Marc Mueller is a highly trained, German Board Certified Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist and a prominently celebrated Facial Plastic Surgeon.

With over 20 years’ of international experience, Dr. Marc founded the Center for ENT Health and Sleep Medicine at BR Medical Suites where he provides the highest level of patient care in the fields of otolaryngology and audiology with deep specialist expertise in treating sinus congestion, hearing loss, snoring ailments, sleep disorders, chronic headaches and allergy problems. Dr. Marc practices minimally invasive treatments of sinus and nasal problems and is a recognized expert in the Middle East for his advanced and innovative work in performing Balloon Sinuplasty surgeries.