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Dr. Ehab Mousa Al Nasrallah

Dr. Ehab Mousa Al Nasrallah

Dr. Ehab Mousa
Al Nasrallah


Dr. Ehab holds a Bachelors in Dental Medicine and Oral surgery with a Master’s in Health system and Hospital Management from Liverpool School for Tropical Medicine, Liverpool, UK.

Dr. Ehab has a wide range of experience in diversified roles (Quality assurance, Operations, IT, HR, Planning), supervising programs related to health education. Besides having practiced as a dentist, Dr. Ehab has been responsible for managing business and workforce capacity building, identifying, assessing and ensuring implementation of business development initiatives towards achieving higher revenues.

He has also been involved in the strengthening program of Health System for the world health organization WHO, working very closely with the Ministry of Health, Syria. Dr. Ehab has also been managing the quality program for Syrian MOH.

In his brief association with NMC, Dr. Ehab has been working with the Revenue Cycle management team, and being a Chief Operating Officer at a polyclinic in Jumeirah previously.