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Relationship Between Allergy & Asthma

Can people living or working with patients having allergies like allergic asthma get the disease from patient?

Allergy is inherited as genetic disease and it is inherited from parents. If one parent has allergy then 2 out of 4 children will develop allergies and if both parents have allergies then 3 out of 4 children have chance of developing it. Allergy, e.g., allergic asthma cannot be transmitted to colleagues or people living with a patient having allergic diseases

Do I have allergy or asthma?

This is a frequently-asked question by my most patients. In fact, allergy is disease of the Immune System and can affect any organ or all the organs of the body. When allergy affects the lungs it causes asthma, when it affects the nose it is called Allergic Rhinitis. So allergy is the CAUSE and the EFFECT is ALLERGIC ASTHMA.

Does allergy cause only asthma and nose allergy (Allergic Rhinitis)?

Allergy affects every system and every organ of the body. When a person eats food to which he is allergic or exposed to allergens in air like Pollens, molds, dust. The food enters via stomach and intestines to the blood while aeroallergens enter through nose and lungs to blood. With the blood, these fine allergenic particles are carried to all parts of the body. And when these particles come in contact will allergy causing cells, called Mast Cells on these parts of the body they cause inflammation or swelling in that part of the body and thus leads to allergic symptoms like asthma or rhinitis.