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Can food allergy cause diseaese of stomach and intestines?

Yes food allergies can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Patients must have observed that when we do allergy tests, if one is allergic to wheat he will develop wheal or swelling of the skin where extract of wheat is pricked. So little drop of extract of wheat, causes big swelling on the skin when pricked.

Can you imagine what will happen when he eats two chapattis’ (roti) of wheat?

Stomach and intestine has thin delicate lining of mucosa and when wheat enters his stomach, it causes swelling of the lining of stomach; there is excessive production of acid. Stomach will try to get rid of it and throws up (REFLUX), HEART BURN, NAUSEA, VOMITING & PAIN STOMACH. Almost all my patients were on antacids and Omeprazole for years and when I treated their food allergies they did not require these medicines any more

Since stomach has detected that this is a dangerous food and will cause severe damage if allowed to pass. So there is delayed emptying of stomach, loss of appetite, effect of a excessive acid production on food in stomach leads to gas production so he will have BELCHING AND BLOATING. When stomach cannot handle this allergic food even with reflux or vomiting then it starts allowing it to go in portions to the intestine. The intestine is also a very intelligent organ, which does not allow the allergic food for longer time in it so such food passes rapidly out as loose stool and the patient develops IRRITABLE BOWL SYNDROME