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Allergy affects which other parts of the body?

Allergy affects every part of the body. Main effects of allergy are on one organ of the body and lesser on other parts of the body. The patient will complain only of main and major complaint and ignore lesser problems. If the patient is suffering from Asthma due to pollen allergy, he will have difficulty in breathing and will not complain of any other problem. But on detail history, they also complain of having feverish feeling, headache, dizziness, decrease in memory and concentration in pollen season, irritable and even aggressive some times, has low energy level, pains and aches in body, fatigue and tiredness, itching in eyes or skin, sneezing, even most have rashes and eczema on skin in this season.

Most also have lose stools, gas, distention and pain in the abdomen along with asthma. They may have frequent urination, while some may start bed wetting.

So while treating the patient of allergic asthma, we should treat other symptoms too.

Organs involved in allergy:

HEAD: Headache, dizziness, decrease in memory and concentration, irritability and aggressiveness and may cause schizophrenia. He loses interest in daily activities

NOSE: Itching in nose, sneezing, watering nose, nasal blockage

THROAT: Sore throat, pharyngitis, swelling of voice box causing immediate suffocation and even death due to allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, back dripping

EARS: Impaired hearing, ringing in ears

LUNGS: Asthma

SKIN: Itching, hives and rashes, eczema

URINARY TRACT: Frequent desire to pass urine

GASTRO INTESTINAL TRACT: Reflux, heart burn due to acidity in stomach, pain in stomach due to stomach ulcer which worsens in the pollen season. Food allergies can be cause of hyper acidity, reflux or even ulcer. People develop frequent loose stools, gas, distention and pain in the abdomen during the pollen season or due to other allergies

BODY: Feverish feeling but actually don’t have fever, pains and aches in the body. Low energy level and patients feel drained off, have fatigue and tiredness.