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My guy says I smell "funny". Should I be worried?

We all smell differently. "Everything we consume—food, drinks, medication, drugs, alcohol change our vaginal secretions and men's semen," If you're self-conscious about your odor, try drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables (other than cruciferous veggies, as their sulfur compounds can give you that distinctive rotten-egg smell), and cutting back on alcohol since it can increase sweating in your crotch. And quit smoking; the smell permeates everything and I mean everything.

However if your scent suddenly varies greatly from your normal for no apparent reason, comes with a lot of discharge, or turns "fishy," see your doctor, as all of these are signs of infection. One possible culprit: your birth control method. “Both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs have an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, which is characterized by a fishy smell," If you're prone to infection but don't want to change to another birth control, eating a healthy, well-rounded diet and supplementing with a probiotic can help.