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Can a woman get pregnant while she is on her period?

One of the most persistent period myths is that it's impossible to get pregnant while you're menstruating. It's not common, but getting pregnant while on your period can definitely happen. Sperm can last in the cervical mucous and uterus for up to five days. If a woman has a short menstrual cycle, such as 24 days, and has unprotected sex on the last day of her period and ovulates three days later, it's possible for the egg and sperm to meet, resulting in a pregnancy. The chances are slim but is a possibility. This is especially true if a woman's cycle is short and her period lasts six or seven days. It's very unlikely for a woman who is actively menstruating to get pregnant. However, with every rule there's an exception, and women should not use their period as a form of contraception.

Another risk is thinking you're on your period while you're actually ovulating. Here's why: In some cases, when a woman is spotting during her cycle, that can be mistaken for a period when it can actually be a sign of ovulation. It's very common for a woman to spot during ovulation. One day, typically mid-cycle, a woman might notice a couple of drops of light red or dark brown spotting, not usually bleeding. It's just hormonal changes during ovulation that causes this little shedding. It's nothing concerning. In fact, for women trying to get pregnant, it's a really good sign that you can get pregnant now. So some women might mistake the spotting for their actual period and, thinking they can't get pregnant during their period, have unprotected sex when they're actually at their most fertile. The misconception can lead to a pregnancy outcome.

My advice to all ladies that don't want to get pregnant: ALWAYS USE SOME KIND OF PROTECTION !!!