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Types of Allergy?

There are two types of allergy

1. Apperent Allergy
2. Hidden Allergy

APPARENT ALLERGY is the allergy type where the cause is known. For example, you may know that after having an egg you develop pain in stomach and want to throw up the food. You know the cause which you can treat yourself by not eating the egg or products containing egg, like bakery products

HIDDEN ALLERGY is the type of allergy that, even after years of suffering from allergy one cannot know the cause of allergy. Every time the patient goes to the doctor and he gives him a long list of foods he should avoid. But when he eats those foods he has allergic problems and when he does not eat still he has allergic problems. Avoiding does not help since exact cause is not diagnosed. Instead of improvement of his allergic disease he becomes weaker and weaker due to avoidance of long list of foods which could be important source of nutrition for the body and immune system. His allergies worsen, he becomes weaker and weaker with a low energy level, his immune system is damaged due to lack of important nutrients, he develops multiple infections and becomes sicker and sicker. If the HIDDEN ALLERGY IS DIAGNOSED, HE WILL HAVE AN OVER ALL IMPROVEMENT.