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مدونات الدكتور مارك مولر


Rhinoplasty describes all kinds of different surgeries that change the shape of a nose. Some people desire to have the appearance of their nose changed.

The motivation for such surgery va...

Post Dated: 15-Mar-2018

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Nasal Congestion – Part 2

It is the task of the otolaryngologist to identify the cause for congestion and the reason for swelling.

I use in my practice the nasal endoscope and the flexible naso-pharyngoscope to g...

Post Dated: 09-Mar-2018

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Nasal Congestion – Part 1

Post Dated: 01-Mar-2018

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Common Ear Problems - Part Two

Some of the ear canal infections can go ahead with such swelling that the cana...

Post Dated: 03-Nov-2017

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مشاكل الأذن الشائعة - الجزء الأول

يعاني المرضى في الغالب من آلام الأذن أو كتمة السمع، والتي يمكن أن تحدث بشكل منفصل أو في نفس الوقت.


Post Dated: 25-Oct-2017

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