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Rhinoplasty: Postoperative Implications

Another point patients should be aware of is the postoperative implications from rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is usually a day surgery. Depending on the individual patient it can also be perf...

Post Dated: 02-Apr-2018

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Rhinoplasty: Technique

How can a doctor know which technique is the right one?

There is no patient’s case identical to the each other, but still, many problems are very similar and we can use similar approach...

Post Dated: 23-Mar-2018

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Rhinoplasty describes all kinds of different surgeries that change the shape of a nose. Some people desire to have the appearance of their nose changed.

The motivation for such surgery va...

Post Dated: 15-Mar-2018

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Nasal Congestion – Part 2

It is the task of the otolaryngologist to identify the cause for congestion and the reason for swelling.

I use in my practice the nasal endoscope and the flexible naso-pharyngoscope to g...

Post Dated: 09-Mar-2018

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Nasal Congestion – Part 1

Post Dated: 01-Mar-2018

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Common Ear Problems - Part Two

Some of the ear canal infections can go ahead with such swelling that the cana...

Post Dated: 03-Nov-2017

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مشاكل الأذن الشائعة - الجزء الأول

يعاني المرضى في الغالب من آلام الأذن أو كتمة السمع، والتي يمكن أن تحدث بشكل منفصل أو في نفس الوقت.


Post Dated: 25-Oct-2017

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