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Trigger Point Injection

A trigger point injection is an outpatient procedure designed to reduce or relieve the back pain caused by trigger points.

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are focal areas ...

Post Dated: 23-Nov-2017

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Radiofrequency Ablation for Pain

Radiofrequency ablation (or RFA) is a procedure used to reduce pain. An electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals ...

Post Dated: 16-Nov-2017

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Nerve Root Block

Nerve blocks are used for pain treatment and management. Often a group of nerves, called a plexus or ganglion, that causes pain to a specific organ or body region can be blocked with the injection ...

Post Dated: 09-Nov-2017

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Epidural Injection for Sciatica and Other Spine Ailments

Epidural steroid injections deliver medication directly (or very near) the source of pain generation.

Many spinal conditions, including a lumbar herniated disc, can cause inflammation or pr...

Post Dated: 03-Nov-2017

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Facet Joint Injection

What is facet joint?

Zygapophysial joints (also known as facet joints or z-joints) are located on the back (posterior) of the spine on each side where two adjacent vertebrae meet. The fac...

Post Dated: 03-Nov-2017

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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, is non-invasive, and typically does not involve pain medications. The treatment is not only safe and painless, but also comfortable and relaxing. The cour...

Post Dated: 03-Nov-2017

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