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Anaesthesiology is the specialty which makes surgeries and procedures pain-free, comfortable and safe.

We take care of your medical and physiological conditions around surgeries and procedures, optimize the conditions to withstand the surgical intervention, monitor and maintain the life and functions through the procedure into the recovery, minimize the impact on your general health and return you back to the normal state.

The anaesthetic techniques available in BR Medical Suites include General Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia like spinal or epidural, Nerve and limb plexus blocks, Local anaesthesia, intravenous sedation and Monitored Anaesthesia Care. We specialize in ambulatory anaesthesia for both adults and children.

A pre-anaesthetic consultation is vital in assessing your fitness for the surgery, planning the best anaesthetic technique and proper preparation and management of the whole process. Your concerns and worries will be properly addressed to make the whole experience pleasant and comfortable.

Our Anaesthesiologists are experts in the management of post-operative pain. They are skilled in regional, plexus and nerve blocks, made accurate by ultrasound guidance and other state-of-the-art techniques to provide perfect post-operative pain relief with reduced complications and lesser use of narcotics and other pain-killers. We are able to do even major surgeries as day-case as we are capable to control pain and post-operative debility effectively by appropriate methods. Our advanced systems and techniques reduce complications and make the recovery quick and fast so that you can go back to normal life and ways as soon as possible. We are continuously upgrading our systems to give you the best facilities at any point of time.

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